The DEAD-box RNA helicase-like Utp25 is an SSU processome component.

The SSU processome is a large ribonucleoprotein complex consisting of the U3 snoRNA and at least 43 proteins. A database search, initiated in an effort to discover additional SSU processome components, identified the uncharacterized, conserved and essential yeast nucleolar protein YIL091C/UTP25 as one such candidate. The C-terminal DUF1253 motif, a ...
domain of unknown function, displays limited sequence similarity to DEAD-box RNA helicases. In the absence of the conserved DEAD-box sequence, motif Ia is the only clearly identifiable helicase element. Since the yeast homolog is nucleolar and interacts with components of the SSU processome, we examined its role in pre-rRNA processing. Genetic depletion of Utp25 resulted in slowed growth. Northern analysis of pre-rRNA revealed an 18S rRNA maturation defect at sites A₀, A₁, and A₂. Coimmunoprecipitation confirmed association with U3 snoRNA and with Mpp10, and with components of the t-Utp/UtpA, UtpB, and U3 snoRNP subcomplexes. Mutation of the conserved motif Ia residues resulted in no discernable temperature-sensitive or cold-sensitive growth defects, implying that this motif is dispensable for Utp25 function. A yeast two-hybrid screen of Utp25 against other SSU processome components revealed several interacting proteins, including Mpp10, Utp3, and Utp21, thereby identifying the first interactions among the different subcomplexes of the SSU processome. Furthermore, the DUF1253 domain is required and sufficient for the interaction of Utp25 with Utp3. Thus, Utp25 is a novel SSU processome component that, along with Utp3, forms the first identified interactions among the different SSU processome subcomplexes.
Date: Nov. 01, 2010
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