Mpk1 MAPK association with the paf1 complex blocks sen1-mediated premature transcription termination.

The Mpk1 MAPK of the yeast cell wall integrity pathway uses a noncatalytic mechanism to activate transcription of stress-induced genes by recruitment of initiation factors to target promoters. We show here that Mpk1 additionally serves a function in transcription elongation that is also independent of its catalytic activity. This function ...
is mediated by an interaction between Mpk1 and the Paf1 subunit of the Paf1C elongation complex. A mutation in Paf1 that blocks this interaction causes a specific defect in transcription elongation of an Mpk1-induced gene, which results from Sen1-dependent premature termination through a Nab3-binding site within the promoter-proximal region of the gene. Our findings reveal a regulatory mechanism in which Mpk1 overcomes transcriptional attenuation by blocking recruitment of the Sen1-Nrd1-Nab3 termination complex to the elongating polymerase. Finally, we demonstrate that this mechanism is conserved in an interaction between the human ERK5 MAPK and human Paf1.
Date: Mar. 04, 2011
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