The membrane localization of Ras2p and the association between Cdc25p and Ras2-GTP are regulated by protein kinase A (PKA) in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ras2p has been suggested to be a target in the feedback regulation of Ras-cAMP pathway. This work proves that the Ras2p localization is regulated by PKA activity, and that PKA down-regulates Ras2p activity and the protein association between Cdc25p and Ras2-GTP, which is due to a reduced ...
Ras2-GEF Cdc25p activity. These results suggest that Ras2p localization and Ras2-GEF activity of Cdc25p play roles in the feedback regulation of Ras2p in the Ras-cAMP pathway. STRUCTURED SUMMARY OF PROTEIN INTERACTIONS: RAF1-RBDphysically interacts with Cdc25p and Ras2p by pull down (View interaction) RAF1-RBDphysically interacts with Ras2p by pull down (View interaction).
Date: Mar. 31, 2011
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