A new isoform of human myosin phosphatase targeting/regulatory subunit (MYPT2): cDNA cloning, tissue expression, and chromosomal mapping.

First Department of Internal Medicine, Mie University School of Medicine, Japan.
Myosin phosphatase target subunit 1 (MYPT1), a subunit of myosin phosphatase, plays a pivotal role in the regulation of myosin phosphatase activity. Here we have cloned a novel isoform of MYPT1, termed MYPT2, from a human brain cDNA library screened with a cDNA fragment of rat MYPT1. Overlapping clones indicated an open reading frame of 3763 nucleotides and a predicted polypeptide of mass 110,398. Ankyrin repeats and leucine zipper motifs were identified for the sequences 57-316 and 956-982, respectively. Overall, the deduced amino acid sequence of MYPT2 was 61% identical to MYPT1. MYPT2 gene is transcribed abundantly in heart and skeletal muscle, while Western blots using an antibody specific for MYPT2 showed exclusive expression of MYPT2 in heart and brain. A recombinant of the N-terminal two-thirds of MYPT2 bound to the catalytic subunit of type 1 phosphatase (delta isoform) and increased activity toward phosphorylated myosin light chain. In situ hybridization localized the human MYPT2 gene on chromosome 1q32.1, compared to the chromosomal location 12q15-q21-2 for MYPT1. It is suggested that the products of the two gene families of myosin phosphatase target subunit may be localized differently among various tissues.
Mesh Terms:
Amino Acid Sequence, Base Sequence, Chromosome Mapping, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 1, Cloning, Molecular, DNA, Complementary, Gene Expression, Humans, Isoenzymes, Molecular Sequence Data, Myosin-Light-Chain Phosphatase, Phosphoprotein Phosphatases, Tissue Distribution
Genomics Apr. 01, 1998; 49(1);59-68 [PUBMED:9570949]
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