Candida albicans (SC5314)


CA6294, ADE5,7.3f, CaO19.5061, CaO6.238, Contig4-1920_0002, orf6.1608, orf19.12528, CaO6.1608, CA0585, CaO19.5062, C1_07890C_B, CAWG_00631, ADE5,7.5f, orf6.238, CaO19.12528, C1_07890C, orf19.5062, IPF13495.2, orf19.5061, IPF19378.2, C1_07890C_A
Phosphoribosylamine-glycine ligase and phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine cyclo-ligase; interacts with Vps34p; required for hyphal growth and virulence; flucytosine induced; not induced in GCN response, in contrast to S. cerevisiae ortholog
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