Candida albicans (SC5314)


CA6295, IPF28142.1, Contig4-3092_0007, Contig4-3092_0006, CDC35, orf6.5948, C7_03070C_B, CaO6.5948, orf6.5946, orf19.5150, orf19.5151, orf19.12617, CA6309, orf19.12615, CaO19.5148, IPF28127.1, CaO19.12617, IPF12335.3, CaO19.12615, orf19.5148, CaO6.5946, CAWG_05641, CaJ7.0349, IPF12336.2, CA3625, CaO19.5151, CaO6.481, C7_03070C, orf6.481, CYR1.5f, CaO19.5150, IPF12339.2, C7_03070C_A
Class III adenylyl cyclase; mutant lacks cAMP; mutant hyphal growth defect rescued by exogenous cAMP; required for mouse mucosal or systemic infection; role in macrophage sensitivity, apoptosis; downstream of Ras1p and CO2 signaling
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