Candida albicans (SC5314)


IPF8518.2, CA3459, CaO6.5728, IPF8519.1, CaO19.8846, Contig4-2968_0008, C4_05760W_B, CAWG_03247, orf19.1261, IPF18334.2, orf19.8846, orf6.5728, C4_05760W, IPF26081.1, CGT1.3f, CaO19.1261, C4_05760W_A
mRNA 5' guanylyltransferase; small subunit of mRNA capping enzyme; binds an RNA Pol II C-terminal domain peptide; Cet1p and Cgt1p form a 2:1 complex; functional homolog of S. cerevisiae Ceg1p
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