Candida albicans (SC5314)


orf19.9499, Contig4-2985_0021, orf19.1944, Contig4-2985_0023, CAWG_04513, IPF11281.2, CaO6.5595, CA3354 gi:30513635, C5_01250W_B, CaO19.9499, CaO19.1944, CA3354, IPF11281, orf6.5595, IPF29241.1, C5_01250W, C5_01250W_A
Plasma membrane G-protein-coupled receptor of the cAMP-PKA pathway; required for WT hyphal growth; reports differ on role in cAMP-mediated glucose signaling; Gpr1 C terminus binds Gpa2; regulates HWP1 and ECE1; flow model biofilm induced
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