Candida albicans (SC5314)


orf19.4378, orf19.4350, CaO6.2806, CAWG_01715, PPH32.3f, CaO19.4378, orf6.4543, orf19.11856, CaO19.11828, Contig4-2577_0002, CA2590, CR_03800C, IPF22893.1, Contig4-2849_0022, IPF13700.2, IPF22894.1, IPF12918.1, CaO6.4543, CaO19.11856, orf6.2806, orf19.11828, CA1348, CaO19.4350, CR_03800C_B, PPH3.3b, CR_03800C_A
Putative catalytic subunit of protein phosphatase complex; functions with regulatory subunit Psy2p in dephosphorylation of Rad53p in response to DNA damage; dephosphorylates Rfa2p in G1 phase; ortholog of S. cerevisiae Pph3p
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