Candida albicans (SC5314)


CaO19.11006, CaO6.2036, CA0862, CaO6.308, CaO19.3524, C2_04930C_B, orf19.3523, CaO19.3523, Contig4-2828_0017, IPF4453.2, orf19.3524, orf6.308, orf19.11006, IPF17271.2, orf6.2037, orf6.2036, CaO6.2037, CRK1.3f, C2_04930C, CAWG_04246, CA0861, C2_04930C_A
Protein kinase of the Cdc2 subfamily involved in hyphal development, virulence; promotes hyphal development independently of Cph1 and Efg1; functionally complements pheromone hypersensitivity of S. cerevisiae sgv1 mutant; Hap43p-repressed
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