Candida albicans (SC5314)


C2_06830C, CA0765, CaO6.1892, CaO19.9778, orf19.2236, orf19.9778, CaO19.2236, CaO6.2396, IPF9040, orf6.1892, IPF29164.1, IPF9040.2, IPF9040.3, IPF9040.3eoc, orf6.2396, CAWG_05782, C2_06830C_B, Contig4-2838_0010, C2_06830C_A
Fork-head transcription factor; forms a heterodimer with Ifh1 that is tethered to promoters by Tbf1; positively regulates rRNA and ribosomal protein gene transcription
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