Candida albicans (SC5314)


C5_01840C_B, IPF19124.2, CA2541, TAC1-1, TAC1-2, orf19.10699, C5_01840C, CAWG_04569, orf19.10700, orf6.1024, CaO19.3189, CaO19.3188, orf6.4486, orf6.4485, CaO19.10699, orf6.854, orf6.855, CaO6.4486, CaO6.4485, CaO6.854, IPF9191.3f, CaO6.1024, CaO6.855, CaO19.10700, Contig4-2456_0006, IPF9191.2, orf19.3189, orf19.3188, ZNC2, C5_01840C_A
Zn(2)-Cys(6) transcriptional activator of drug-responsive genes (CDR1 and CDR2); binds DRE element; gene in zinc cluster region near MTL locus; resequencing indicates that TAC1 spans orf19.3188 and orf19.3189; Spider biofilm induced
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