Candida albicans (SC5314)


C5_01830C_B, CA2542, orf6.4487, CaO19.10701, C5_01830C, HAL93, IPF16067, CAWG_04568, Contig4-1956_0001, Contig4-1956_0002, CaO19.3190, ZNC3, orf19.3190, CaO6.4487, orf19.10701, IPF16067.2, IPF9196.1, C5_01830C_A
Putative Zn(II)2Cys6 transcription factor; gene in zinc cluster region of Chr. 5; induced by Mnl1 in weak acid; similar to S. cerevisiae Hal9, a putative transcription factor involved in salt tolerance
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