Candida albicans (SC5314)


orf6.4488, CaO6.1022, CaO19.10702, IPF19105.2, C5_01820W, CA6273, IPF9198.3, CA0265, orf6.905, CAWG_04567, CaO19.3191, CaO6.905, Contig4-1933_0004, CaO19.3192, STI1.5f, orf19.10702, orf19.3191, orf19.3192, CaO6.4488, orf6.1022, C5_01820W_B, C5_01820W_A
Protein that interacts with Cdc37 and Crk1 in two-hybrid; may be involved in Cdc37 chaperone activity; soluble protein in hyphae; protein in exponential and stationary phase yeast cultures; YNB biofilm induced; Spider biofilm induced
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