Candida albicans (SC5314)


orf19.11565, IPF2078.2, CaO19.11565, C2_09230C_B, CaO19.4084, IPF2079.2, orf6.6852, GAL83, orf19.4084, CA4335, Contig4-3095_0014, CaO6.6852, CAWG_06000, C2_09230C, C2_09230C_A
Snf1p complex scaffold protein; similar to S. cerevisiae Gal83p and Sip2p with regions of similarity to Sip1p (ASC and KIS domain); interacts with Snf4p; mutants are hypersensitive to caspofungin and hydrogen peroxide; Hap43p-repressed gene
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