Candida albicans (SC5314)


CaO6.4821, orf6.2978, Contig4-2215_0003, CaO6.2978, orf19.8243, orf19.610, IPF3577.2, CR_07890W, CAWG_02083, CaO19.610, CaO19.8243, CR_07890W_B, CA2787, orf6.4821, IPF3575.2, CR_07890W_A
bHLH transcription factor; required for white-phase cell type, RPMI and Spider biofilm formation, hyphal growth, cell-wall gene regulation; roles in adhesion, virulence; Cph1 and Efg1 have role in host cytokine response; binds E-box
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