Candida albicans (SC5314)


IPF9866.3, Contig4-2476_0010, CaO19.11912, CAWG_00682, ACPR, ACPR1, APRP1, C1_07370C_B, orf19.4433, CaO6.2724, orf19.11912, IPF5536.2, CaO6.7245, orf6.7245, CaO19.4433, CA0154, orf6.695, C1_07370C, CaO6.695, orf6.2724, C1_07370C_A
Transcription factor; for mating, filamentation on solid media, pheromone-stimulated biofilms; in pathway with Ess1, Czf1; required with Efg1 for host cytokine response; regulates galactose metabolism genes; rat cathether biofilm repressed
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