Candida albicans (SC5314)


C6_00370C, CaO19.8790, orf6.2852, NOP58, Contig4-3055_0012, Contig4-3055_0011, CaO19.1199, CaO6.2852, C6_00370C_B, CAWG_05321, orf19.8790, CA1438, IPF7161.1, orf19.1199, orf6.2946, IPF18691.2, CaO6.2946, C6_00370C_A
Ortholog of S. cerevisiae Nop58; involved in pre-rRNA process; Tn mutation affects filamentous growth; macrophage/pseudohyphal-induced; physically interacts with TAP-tagged Nop1; Spider biofilm repressed
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