Candida albicans (SC5314)


CaO19.10888, Contig4-2768_0013, Contig4-2768_0012, CaO19.3380, CA1430, orf19.10888, C4_03510C_B, C4_03510C, PGA8, orf6.2933, IPF23887.1, IPF14331.2, CaO6.2933, orf19.3380, IPF14331, C4_03510C_A
GPI-anchored, glycosylated cell wall protein; required for biofilm formation, adhesion, filamentous growth on some media; expressed in hyphae; mutant delayed in virulence; regulated by Efg1, Tup1; similar to Hwp1 and Rbt1 domains
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