Candida albicans (SC5314)


orf19.3651, CaO19.11135, C6_00750C_B, PGK, CaO19.3651, CA1691, CAWG_05284, IPF17009.2, Contig4-3041_0020, IPF23636.1, orf19.11135, C6_00750C, orf6.3310, CaO6.3310, C6_00750C_A
Phosphoglycerate kinase; localizes to cell wall and cytoplasm; antigenic in murine/human infection; flow model biofilm, Hog1-, Hap43-, GCN-induced; repressed upon phagocytosis; repressed in Spider biofilms by Bcr1, Ndt80, Rob1, Brg1
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