Candida albicans (SC5314)


CA0465, CAWG_01596, orf19.166, IPF14113.2, CaO6.2903, CaO6.2902, orf6.1405, orf19.7800, Contig4-2571_0004, IPF29937.1, IPF14113.5f, CR_02560C, CaO19.7800, IPF18682.2, IPF14113, CaO6.1405, orf6.2903, CA6313, CR_02560C_B, orf19.167, orf6.2902, CaO19.167, CaO19.166, CR_02560C_A
Gal4p family zinc-finger transcription factor with similarity to S. cerevisiae Asg1p
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