YY1 functions with INO80 to activate transcription.

Ubiquitously expressed transcription factor Yin-Yang-1 (YY1) controls expression of many genes. YY1 is tightly associated with the human ATP-dependent INO80-like chromatin-remodeling complex (INO80). INO80 is recruited by YY1 to YY1-activated genes, where it functions as an essential coactivator. Binding of YY1 to its DNA sites in target genes requires INO80, ...
suggesting that YY1 uses the INO80 complex not only to activate transcription but also to gain access to target promoters.
Mesh Terms:
Cell Line, DNA Helicases, Humans, Transcriptional Activation, YY1 Transcription Factor
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.
Date: Sep. 01, 2007
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