Loss of insulator activity by paired Su(Hw) chromatin insulators.

Department of the Control of Genetic Processes, Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 117334.
Chromatin insulators are regulatory elements that block the action of transcriptional enhancers when interposed between enhancer and promoter. The Drosophila Suppressor of Hairy wing [Su(Hw)] protein binds the Su(Hw) insulator and prevents enhancer-promoter interaction by a mechanism that is not understood. We show that when two copies of the Su(Hw) insulator element, instead of a single one, are inserted between enhancer and promoter, insulator activity is neutralized and the enhancer-promoter interaction may instead be facilitated. This paradoxical phenomenon could be explained by interactions between protein complexes bound at the insulators.
Mesh Terms:
ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters, Animals, Animals, Genetically Modified, Binding Sites, Cell Nucleus, Chromatin, DNA-Binding Proteins, Drosophila, Drosophila Proteins, Enhancer Elements, Genetic, Eye Color, Eye Proteins, Gene Expression Regulation, Genes, Insect, Insect Proteins, Nuclear Proteins, Pigmentation, Promoter Regions, Genetic, Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid, Repressor Proteins, Retroelements
Science Jan. 19, 2001; 291(5503);495-8 [PUBMED:11161206]
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