Csi1 links centromeres to the nuclear envelope for centromere clustering.

In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the centromeres of each chromosome are clustered together and attached to the nuclear envelope near the site of the spindle pole body during interphase. The mechanism and functional importance of this arrangement of chromosomes are poorly understood. In this paper, we identified a novel ...
nuclear protein, Csi1, that localized to the site of centromere attachment and interacted with both the inner nuclear envelope SUN domain protein Sad1 and centromeres. Both Csi1 and Sad1 mutants exhibited centromere clustering defects in a high percentage of cells. Csi1 mutants also displayed a high rate of chromosome loss during mitosis, significant mitotic delays, and sensitivity to perturbations in microtubule-kinetochore interactions and chromosome numbers. These studies thus define a molecular link between the centromere and nuclear envelope that is responsible for centromere clustering.
J. Cell Biol.
Date: Nov. 26, 2012
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