The BioPlex Network of Human Protein Interactions: Additional Unpublished AP-MS Results (Pre-Publication) (Pre-Publication)

As part of an ongoing effort led by Steve Gygi, Wade Harper, and Ed Huttlin in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, we are systematically profiling the interactions among human proteins using affinity purification mass spectrometry. In this effort, HA-tagged bait proteins obtained from the human ORFeome ...
collection (version 8.1; Marc Vidal) are expressed individually in human cells, followed by affinity purification mass spectrometry to identify interacting partners that are specific to each bait. Interacting proteins have been identified using the CompPASS-Plus algorithm (Huttlin et al. Cell 2015 – PMID 26186194). This longstanding effort has produced a series of proteome-scale models of the human interactome termed BioPlex, several of which have been published. The first version, BioPlex 1.0, incorporated our first 2,594 AP-MS experiments targeting distinct human proteins expressed in HEK 293T cells (Huttlin et al. Cell 2015 – PMID 26186194). Subsequently we have published updated versions of this network that have resulted from incorporation of additional AP-MS experiments and re-analysis of all AP-MS data acquired to date. Two additional networks have been produced in 293T cells, including BioPlex 2.0 (5,891 AP-MS experiments in 293T cells; Huttlin et al. Nature 2017 – PMID 28514442) and BioPlex 3.0 (10,128 AP-MS experiments in 293T cells; Huttlin et al. Cell 2021 – PMID 33961781). After completing AP-MS of all available baits in 293T cells, we have begun to repeat AP-MS analysis of all these baits in HCT116 cells. The first iteration of our HCT116-specific interaction network has been published (5,522 AP-MS experiments in HCT116 cells; Huttlin et al. Cell 2021 – PMID 33961781). All these published datasets have been incorporated into BioGRID. In addition, we are releasing interactions from AP-MS profiling of another 4,710 baits in HCT116 cells ahead of publication in this dataset. A full publication describing these results is in preparation.
Date: May. 27, 2021
Status: Pre-Publication Dataset
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