The BioPlex Network of Human Protein Interactions: Additional Unpublished AP-MS Results (Pre-Publication)

Harvard Medical School Department of Cell Biology
As part of an ongoing collaboration between the labs of Steve Gygi and Wade Harper in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, we are profiling systematically the interactions among human proteins using affinity purification mass spectrometry. HA-tagged baits taken from the human ORFeome (version 8.1; Marc Vidal) have been expressed individually in HEK 293T cells, followed by affinity purification mass spectrometry to identify interacting partners that are specific to each bait. Interacting proteins have been identified using the CompPASS algorithm (Sowa et all Cell 2009) with modifications for high-throughput data processing. While this study is ongoing, an initial network including 23,744 interactions from the first 2594 AP-MS experiments has been published (Huttlin et al. Cell 2015 - PMID 26186194) and deposited in BioGRID (published dataset identifier/link). To date, an additional 32809 interactions from 3290 AP-MS experiments have been identified, beyond those described in the initial publication. These interactions are included in this dataset, which will be updated periodically as additional data become available.
Status: Pre-Publication Dataset
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