Novel tropane-based irreversible ligands for the dopamine transporter.

Medicinal Chemistry Section, National Institute on Drug Abuse-Intramural Research Program, Baltimore, Maryland 21131, USA.
3alpha-(diphenylmethoxy)tropane (benztropine) and its analogues are tropane ring-containing dopamine uptake inhibitors that display binding and behavioral profiles that are distinct from cocaine. We previously prepared a benztropine-based photoaffinity label [125I]-(N-[4-(4'-azido-3'-iodophenyl)butyl]-3alpha-[bis(4'-fluorophenyl)methoxy]tropane, [125I]1, that covalently attached to the 1-2 transmembrane spanning region of the dopamine transporter (DAT). This was in contrast to the 4-7 transmembrane spanning region labeled by a cocaine-based photoaffinity label, [125I] 2 (RTI 82). To characterize further these different binding domains, photoaffinity ligands that had the 4'-azido-3'-iodophenyl substituent extended from the same position on the tropane ring were desirable. Thus, identification of the optimal alkyl linker between this substituent and the tropane nitrogen in the benztropine series was investigated to ultimately prepare the identical N-substituted analogue of 2. In this pursuit, the N-[4-(4'-azido-3'-iodophenyl)propyl] analogue of 3alpha-[bis(4'-fluorophenyl)methoxy]tropane (9a) was synthesized as well as two isothiocyanate analogues that do not require photoactivation (10a,b) for irreversible binding. The synthesis of these target compounds was achieved using a modification of the strategy developed for 1. Evaluation of these compounds for displacing [3H]WIN 35 428 binding at DAT in rat caudate putamen revealed that the 4'-azido-3'-iodophenylbutyl substituent, found in 1, provided optimal binding affinity and was chosen to replace the N-CH3 group on 2. Both the 4'-azido-3'-iodophenyl- and the 4'-isothiocyanatophenylbutyl analogues of 2 (25 and 26, respectively) were synthesized. Both products bound to DAT with comparable potency (IC(50) = 30 nM) to RTI 82 (2). In addition, compound 26 demonstrated wash-resistant displacement of [3H]WIN 35 428 in HEK 293 cells stably transfected with hDAT. These ligands will provide important tools for further characterizing the binding domains for tropane-based dopamine uptake inhibitors at the DAT.
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Animals, Azides, Benztropine, Binding, Competitive, Cell Line, Cocaine, Dopamine, Dopamine Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins, Dopamine Uptake Inhibitors, Humans, In Vitro Techniques, Isothiocyanates, Ligands, Male, Membrane Glycoproteins, Membrane Transport Proteins, Nerve Tissue Proteins, Putamen, Radioligand Assay, Rats, Rats, Sprague-Dawley, Structure-Activity Relationship, Tropanes
J. Med. Chem. Dec. 06, 2001; 44(25);4453-61 [PUBMED:11728190]
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