A suppressor of SNF1 mutations causes constitutive high-level invertase synthesis in yeast.

The SNF1 gene product of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is required to derepress expression of many glucose-repressible genes, including the SUC2 structural gene for invertase. Strains carrying a recessive snf1 mutation are unable to ferment sucrose. We have isolated 30 partial phenotypic revertants of a snf1 mutant that were able to ferment ...
sucrose. Genetic characterization of these revertants showed that the suppressor mutations were all recessive and defined eight complementation groups, designated ssn1 through ssn8 (suppressor of snf1 ). The revertants were assayed for secreted invertase activity, and although activity was detected in members of each complementation group, only the ssn6 strains contained wild-type levels. Synthesis of secreted invertase in ssn6 strains was found to be constitutive, that is, insensitive to glucose repression; moreover, the ssn6 mutations also conferred constitutivity in a wild-type ( SNF1 ) genetic background and are, therefore, not merely suppressors of snf1 . Pleiotropic defects were observed in ssn6 mutants. Genetic analysis suggested that the ssn6 mutations are allelic to the cyc8 mutation isolated by R. J. Rothstein and F. Sherman, which causes increased production of iso-2-cytochrome c. The data suggest a regulatory function for SSN6 .
Mesh Terms:
Carbohydrate Metabolism, Gene Expression Regulation, Genetic Complementation Test, Glycoside Hydrolases, Linkage (Genetics), Reproduction, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Spores, Fungal, Suppression, Genetic, beta-Fructofuranosidase
Date: May. 01, 1984
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