Rad52-Rad51 association is essential to protect Rad51 filaments against Srs2, but facultative for filament formation.

Homology search and strand exchange mediated by Rad51 nucleoprotein filaments are key steps of the homologous recombination process. In budding yeast, Rad52 is the main mediator of Rad51 filament formation, thereby playing an essential role. The current model assumes that Rad51 filament formation requires the interaction between Rad52 and Rad51. ...
However, we report here that Rad52 mutations that disrupt this interaction do not affect γ-ray- or HO endonuclease-induced gene conversion frequencies. In vivo and in vitro studies confirmed that Rad51 filaments formation is not affected by these mutations. Instead, we found that Rad52-Rad51 association makes Rad51 filaments toxic in Srs2-deficient cells after exposure to DNA damaging agents, independently of Rad52 role in Rad51 filament assembly. Importantly, we also demonstrated that Rad52 is essential for protecting Rad51 filaments against dissociation by the Srs2 DNA translocase. Our findings open new perspectives in the understanding of the role of Rad52 in eukaryotes.
Date: Jul. 09, 2018
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