The NEDD8 E3 ligase DCNL5 is phosphorylated by IKK alpha during Toll-like receptor activation.

The activity of Cullin-RING ubiquitin E3 ligases (CRL) is regulated by NEDD8 modification. DCN-like proteins promote Cullin neddylation as scaffold-like E3s. One DCNL, DCNL5, is highly expressed in immune tissue. Here, we provide evidence that DCNL5 may be involved in innate immunity, as it is a direct substrate of the ...
kinase IKKα during immune signalling. We find that upon activation of Toll-like receptors, DCNL5 gets rapidly and transiently phosphorylated on a specific N-terminal serine residue (S41). This phosphorylation event is specifically mediated by IKKα and not IKKβ. Our data for the first time provides evidence that DCNL proteins are post-translationally modified in an inducible manner. Our findings also provide the first example of a DCNL member as a kinase substrate in a signalling pathway, indicating that the activity of at least some DCNLs may be regulated.
Date: Jun. 30, 2018
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