CUEDC2, a novel interacting partner of the SOCS1 protein, plays important roles in the leukaemogenesis of acute myeloid leukaemia.

Downregulation of suppressor of cytokine signalling-1 (SOCS1) is one of the vital reasons for JAK1-STAT3 pathway activation in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). CUE domain-containing 2 (CUEDC2) was a novel interacting partner of SOCS1 and a positive correlation between the expression of CUEDC2 and SOCS1 was confirmed in primary AML cells ...
and AML cell lines without SOCS1 promoter methylation. We aimed to explore roles of CUEDC2 in regulating ubiquitin-mediated degradation of SOCS1 in the leukaemogenesis of AML.According to in vitro experiments, CUEDC2 overexpression increased the level of SOCS1 protein, suppressed JAK1-STAT3 pathway activation. The suppression of this pathway inhibited AML cells' proliferation by causing G1 arrest and enhanced AML cells' sensitivity to cytarabine and idarubicin. Similarity, downregulation of CUEDC2 produced opposite results. Knockout or low expression of CUEDC2 in mouse or AML patients displayed lower overall survival and event-free survival rates, compared with these mouse and AML patients had high-CUEDC2 expression. Mechanistic studies revealed that CUEDC2 overexpression attenuated SOCS1 ubiquitination, facilitated its stabilisation by enhancing SOCS1, Elongin C and Cullin-2 (CUL2) interactions, thus inhibited JAK1-STAT3 pathway and leukaemogenesis of AML. Therefore, our novel findings indicated that CUEDC2 interacted with SOCS1 to suppress SOCS1's ubiquitin-mediated degradation, JAK1-STAT3 pathway activation and leukaemogenesis of AML.
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Date: Jul. 10, 2018
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