The RNF20/40 complex regulates p53-dependent gene transcription and mRNA splicing.

p53 is a key transcription factor to regulate gene transcription. However, the molecular mechanism of chromatin-associated p53 on gene transcription remains elusive. Here, using unbiased protein affinity purification, we found that the RNF20/40 complex associated with p53 on the chromatin. Further analyses indicated that p53 mediated the recruitment of the ...
RNF20/40 complex to p53 target gene loci including p21 and PUMA loci and regulated the transcription of p21 and PUMA via the RNF20/40 complex-dependent histone H2B ubiquitination (ubH2B). Lacking the RNF20/40 complex suppressed not only ubH2B but also the generation of the mature mRNA of p21 and PUMA. Moreover, ubH2B was recognized by the ubiquitin-binding motif of pre-mRNA processing splicing factor 8 (PRPF8), a subunit in the spliceosome, and PRPF8 was required for the maturation of the mRNA of p21 and PUMA. Our study unveils a novel p53-dependent pathway that regulates mRNA splicing for tumor suppression.
J Mol Cell Biol
Date: Feb. 20, 2020
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