Comprehensive Synthetic Genetic Array Analysis of Alleles That Interact with Mutation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RecQ Helicases Hrq1 and Sgs1.

Most eukaryotic genomes encode multiple RecQ family helicases, including five such enzymes in humans. For many years, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was considered unusual in that it only contained a single RecQ helicase, named Sgs1 However, it has recently been discovered that a second RecQ helicase, called Hrq1, resides in ...
yeast. Both Hrq1 and Sgs1 are involved in genome integrity, functioning in processes such as DNA inter-strand crosslink repair, double-strand break repair, and telomere maintenance. However, it is unknown if these enzymes interact at a genetic, physical, or functional level as demonstrated for their human homologs. Thus, we performed synthetic genetic array (SGA) analyses of hrq1? and sgs1? mutants. As inactive alleles of helicases can demonstrate dominant phenotypes, we also performed SGA analyses on the hrq1-K318A and sgs1-K706A ATPase/helicase-null mutants, as well as all combinations of deletion and inactive double mutants. We crossed these eight query strains (hrq1?, sgs1?, hrq1-K318A, sgs1-K706A, hrq1?sgs1?, hrq1?sgs1-K706A, hrq1-K318Asgs1?, and hrq1-K318Asgs1-K706A) to the S. cerevisiae single gene deletion and temperature-sensitive allele collections to generate double and triple mutants and scored them for synthetic positive and negative genetic effects based on colony growth. These screens identified hundreds of synthetic interactions, supporting the known roles of Hrq1 and Sgs1 in DNA repair, as well as suggesting novel connections to rRNA processing, mitochondrial DNA maintenance, transcription, and lagging strand synthesis during DNA replication.
G3 (Bethesda)
Date: Dec. 03, 2020
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