A RAD9-dependent checkpoint blocks meiosis of cdc13 yeast cells.

Mutations in CDC13 have previously been found to cause cell cycle arrest of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at a stage in G2 immediately preceding the mitotic division. We show here that cdc13 blocks the meiotic pathway at a stage that follows DNA replication, but in this case the spindle has not yet ...
formed nor have the chromosomes undergone synapsis or recombination. This arrest is alleviated by rad9, thus implicating the same checkpoint function that delays mitotic progression when chromosomal lesions are present. An assessment of the spores produced upon alleviation of the meiotic arrest by rad9 reveals that the absence of recombination in strains bearing cdc13 alone is attributable to the RAD9-mediated arrest rather than to other effects of cdc13 lesions. We have tested the possibility that this checkpoint function is important in regulating meiotic progression to permit resolution of recombinational intermediates during ongoing meiosis and have found no evidence that rad9 alters the execution of functions that might depend upon such regulation. We consider the possible role of other checkpoints in yeast meiosis.
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Cell Cycle Proteins, Chromosomes, Fungal, DNA, Fungal, Diploidy, Fungal Proteins, Genes, Fungal, Heterozygote, Homozygote, Meiosis, Microscopy, Electron, Mitotic Spindle Apparatus, Mutation, Recombination, Genetic, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Spores, Fungal
Date: May. 01, 1992
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