Direct interaction in T-cells between thetaPKC and the tyrosine kinase p59fyn.

Telik, Inc., South San Francisco, California 94080, USA.
The protein kinase C (PKC) family has been clearly implicated in T-cell activation as have several nonreceptor protein-tyrosine kinases associated with the T-cell receptor, including p59fyn. This report demonstrates that thetaPKC and p59fyn specifically interact in vitro, in the yeast two-hybrid system, and in T-cells. Further indications of direct interaction are that p59fyn potentiates thetaPKC catalytic activity and that thetaPKC is a substrate for tyrosine phosphorylation by p59fyn. This interaction may account for the localization of thetaPKC following T-cell activation, pharmacological disruption of which results in specific cell-signaling defects. The demonstration of a physical interaction between a PKC and a protein-tyrosine kinase expands the class of PKC-anchoring proteins (receptors for activated C kinases (RACKs)) and demonstrates a direct connection between these two major T-cell-signaling pathways.
Mesh Terms:
Antibodies, Electroporation, Humans, Interleukin-4, Isoenzymes, Jurkat Cells, Protein Kinase C, Protein-Tyrosine Kinases, Proto-Oncogene Proteins, Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-fyn, T-Lymphocytes
J. Biol. Chem. Jul. 02, 1999; 274(27);19003-10 [PUBMED:10383400]
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