Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_T19B4.7, madd-1, unc-91, T19B4.7
unc-40 encodes a netrin receptor that is required to guide dorsal-ventral cell and axon migrations, and is required for correct polarization and migration of the neuroblasts QL and QR; UNC-40 function in both UNC-5-dependent and UNC-5-independent signaling pathways to regulate cell and axon migrations; UNC-5-dependent signaling is likely enhanced by UNC-129, a TGF-beta signaling molecule that is expressed in a gradient opposite that of UNC-6 netrin; UNC-40 is also required, along with UNC-6, for mediating anchor cell (AC) invasion, likely by regulating formation of an AC invasive membrane domain; an UNC-40::GFP fusion protein is expressed on the surface of motile cells and pioneering neurons.
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