Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_K09H11.3, K09H11.3
rga-3 encodes a GTPase-activating protein (GAP); RNAi experiments predicted to target rga-3 and the related rga-4 gene result in early embryonic defects, specifically defects in cortical contractility, non-muscle myosin NMY-2 distribution, and the relative size of PAR protein domains; in vitro, RGA-3 positively regulates RHO-1 GTPase activity, consistent with genetic studies showing that the rga-3/4(RNAi) phenotype requires RHO-1 activity; in early embryos, a YFP-RGA-3 fusion protein localizes to the cellular cortex and to centrosomes, with cortical localization segregating to the anterior during polarization.

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