Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F25B3.1, F25B3.1
ehbp-1 encodes a calponin homology (CH) domain-containing protein orthologous to mammalian Ehbp1; like its mammalian counterpart, EHBP-1 activity is required for proper intracellular protein transport, including cargo-specific endocytic recycling and transport of membrane proteins, such as SNB-1, to the plasma membrane in germ cells; EHBP-1 interacts with the RAB-10 and RAB-8 GTPases and also weakly with the RAB-5 GTPase; EHBP-1 is broadly expressed and colocalizes with RAB-10 on endosomes in the intestine and in interneurons and is required for RAB-10 association with endosomes, suggesting that EHBP-1 acts upstream of RAB-10 in regulating endocytic transport.
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