Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_K07C5.1, arp-2, K07C5.1
arx-2 also called as Arp-2 encodes a subunit of the actin related protein of the conserved Arp2/3 complex, with 60% amino acid similarity with the homologous genes from human (OMIM: 604221); arx-2 is an essential gene as disruption in the expression by RNAi results in embryonic arrest due to ventral enclosure defects during morphogenesis; Arp2/3 depletion results in partial shrinking of the Ea/p apical surfaces and incomplete Ea/p cell internalization; WSP-1 activates Arp2/3 complex and their function in ventral enclosure is cell autonomous; Arp2/3 regulates some Apical Junction components in embryos and adults; Arp2/3 is required during intestinal morphogenesis for regulation of intestinal lumen width in embryos and apical F-actin accumulation during larval and adult growth. Mutations in arx-2 causes PDE axon guidance defects; arx-2 mutants affect PQR growth cone morphology and filopodia formation.
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