Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_K07C5.8, K07C5.8
cash-1 encodes an ortholog of Drosophila CKA and the human striatins STRN, STRN3, and STRN4 that is required for vulval development; CASH-1 has an N-terminal region which may bind caveolin or calmodulin, and a C-terminal region with five tandem WD domains; by its orthology with CKA and striatins, CASH-1 is predicted to act as a scaffold linking signal transduction proteins (such as JKK-1 and JNK-1) to transcription factors (such as JUN-1 or FOS-1); CASH-1 is expressed broadly, in both larval and adult pharynx, intestine, rectal epithelium, hypodermis, and neurons, as well as the developing vulva and the adult reproductive system.
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