Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_B0240.3, B0240.3
daf-11 encodes a transmembrane guanylate cyclase; daf-11 activity is required for a number of processes dependent upon normal chemosensory function, including dauer formation and recovery and chemotaxis to both volatile and non-volatile odorants; daf-11 is also required for axon formation; daf-11 acts together with daf-21 to regulate chemosensory function and genetically upstream of daf-12 with respect to dauer larvae formation; in addition, daf-11 positively regulates expression of daf-28 and daf-7, which encode insulin and TGF-beta signaling molecules, respectively; a DAF-11::GFP fusion protein is expressed in a subset of amphid neurons where it localizes to the ciliated sensory endings, the cell soma, and the dendrites.

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