Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_B0240.4, ndc-1, B0240.4
npp-22 encodes a nuclear pore complex protein that inhibits DHC-1 in vivo, and that is required for normal nuclear pore complexes; NPP-22 is orthologous to human TMEM48 and budding yeast NDC1; npp-22(RNAi) suppresses the lethality of conditional dhc-1 mutations, as well as the spindle length and cytokinesis defects of dhc-1(or195), indicating that NPP-22 negatively regulates dynein; npp-22(tm1845) mutants have rudimentary nuclear pore complexes, and are poorly viable; NPP-22 has an N-terminal domain predicted to contain five transmembrane helices; in early embryos, NPP-22 is associated with nuclear envelopes and the vicinity of mitotic centrosomes; npp-22 is required for normally large embryonic pronuclei in mass RNAi assays.
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