Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F15B9.7, cdh-6, F15B9.7
fmi-1 encodes a highly conserved cadherin-like protein with unique domain composition of six EGF and two laminin G domains, a GPS cleavage site and seven-pass transmembrane domain; fmi-1 plays a crucial role in pioneer axon navigation as well as pioneer-mediated follower navigation; FMI-1 is required cell autonomously in pioneer and partially non-cell autonomously in the follower; different domains of FMI-1 are required for pioneer and follower navigation; mutations in fmi-1 cause strong axon navigation defects of VNC pioneer axons; HSN axons are more susceptible to changes in fmi-1 protein; LIN-17/frizzled functions together with fmi-1 in follower axon navigation; in addition, FMI-1 functions together with the CDH-4 cadherin to regulate GABAergic neuronal development; FMI-1 is expressed in neurons and localized to pioneer and follower axons during and after nervous system development; in the embryos FMI-1::GFP is found in axons in the nerve ring, the tail and along the dendrites of sensory neurons.
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