Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_Y2H9A.1, Y2H9A.1
mes-4 encodes a SET domain-containing protein that also contains three plant homeodomain (PHD) fingers; MES-4 is required maternally for normal germline development, but in contrast to MES-2, -3, and -6, does not appear to be required for somatic anteroposterior patterning; in germline development, MES-4 activity is essential for regulating active chromatin states and for excluding the MES-2/MES-3/MES-6 chromatin repression complex from the autosomes; MES-4 is also required for germline silencing of repetitive transgene arrays; MES-4 localizes to autosomes, and is detectable in the distal, mitotic region of the germline, in meiotic germ cells during late pachytene, and in oocytes; MES-4 is detected in all somatic and germline nuclei of the early embryo, but by the 100-cell stage, its expression becomes restricted to the primordial germ cells, Z2 and Z3; exclusion of MES-4 from X chromosomes requires the activity of the MES-2, -3, -6 complex.

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