Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F55B12.5, F55B12.5
nrf-5 encodes a lipid-binding protein that is related to mammalian cholesterol-ester-binding proteins; nrf-5 was identified in screens for genes that confer resistance to the action of fluoxetine, and appears to play a role in transporting hydrophobic molecules from the intestine to other tissues; NRF-5 also functions with CED-7 and TTR-52 to mediate phosphatidylserine transfer from apoptotic cells to phagocytes to facilitate cell corpse engulfment; NRF-5 appears to be a secreated protein as expression of an NRF-5::GFP reporter fusion is detected on the basal surface of pharyngeal cells and the basal-lateral membranes of the intestine; expression of a non-secretable form of the NRF-5::GFP reporter is detected in body wall muscle cells.
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