Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F58E10.2, F58E10.2
end-1 encodes a GATA-type transcription factor paralogous to end-3; during early embryonic development, end-1 functions redundnatly with end-3 to specify endodermal fate; when expressed ectopically, however, END-1 is sufficient to initiate endoderm differentiation; END-1 expression bypasses requirement for maternal SKN-1 and the maternal Wnt signaling pathway in endoderm formation and END-1 activates endoderm differentiation in isolated Xenopus ectoderm; END-1 binds to the canonical target DNA sequence WGATAR with specificity similar to GATA-1 and D4 transcription factors; END-1 is expressed in the early E lineage.
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