Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F28F8.6, tag-70, F28F8.6
atx-3 encodes a deubiquitylating enzyme that is the C. elegans ortholog of human ataxin-3 (ATXN3); atx-3 deletion mutants show no overt phenotype, but loss of atx-3 activity via RNAi has been reported to result in 10-25% embryonic lethality; however, microarray experiments comparing wild-type and atx-3 mutant strains indicate that loss of atx-3 activity results in expression changes in genes involved in the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, signal transduction, and cell structure and motility; ATX-3 exhibits deubiquitinating (DUB) activity against polyubiquitin chains in vitro; an ATX-3::GFP reporter is expressed throughout the life cycle in a number of different tissues, with adults showing stronger expression than larvae or eggs; ATX-3::GFP localizes to both the nucleus and the cytoplasm, with higher levels found in the cytoplasm.
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