Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F57A10.5, F57A10.5
nhr-60 encodes a nuclear hormone receptor required for seam cell development, and for embryonic and early larval viability; NHR-60 has no obvious non-nematode orthologs, and is thus classified as 'supplementary'; NHR-60 is expressed throughout development in most cells from one-cell embryos to adults, and is noticeably enriched in seam cells and germline; NHR-60's germline enrichment suggests that it is maternally contributed to oocytes; subcellularly, NHR-60 is localized to the nuclear periphery; nhr-60 is transcribed in embryonic seam cell precursors, and in larval seam cells, pharyngeal gland cells, and uterine vulval uv1 cells; NHR-23 is required for nhr-60 transcription in seam cells but not in pharynx; a dominant-negative NHR-60 isoform displaces endogeneous NHR-60 from the nuclear periphery.
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