Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_Y80D3A.3, dlx-1, Y80D3A.3
ceh-51 encodes a homeodomain transcription factor most closely related to those of NK-2 subfamily proteins containing multiple serine residues in the N-terminus; ceh-51 is expressed in the early MS lineage downstream of TBX-35; TBX-35 directly activates ceh-51 and TBX-35 is sufficient, but not necessary, for ceh-51 activation; activation of ceh-51 in a tbx-35 mutant background is POP-1-dependent; ceh-51(RNAi) results in 47% progeny arresting as uncoordinated L1 arrest and defects in pharyngeal development; CEH-51 by itself has, at most, a weak ability to specify pharynx and CEH-51 is sufficient to specify muscle cell fate and coelomocyte precursors; loss of ceh-51 synergistically enhances the loss of hlh-1, hnd-1, or unc-120 muscle fate phenotypes and reduction in expression of a coelomocyte marker; double mutants analysis reveals that ceg-51 and tbx-35 together account for the majority of normal MS lineage development downstream of MED-1 and MED-2.
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