Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F52B10.1, F52B10.1
nmy-1 encodes a class II non-muscle myosin heavy chain related to Drosophila zipper, which plays a role in several aspects of embryonic morphogenesis; in C. elegans, NMY-1 is required for embryonic elongation and establishment of normal body morphology; however, nmy-1 functions redundantly with another non-muscle myosin heavy chain gene, nmy-2, during elongation and establishment of normal body morphology; mutations in nmy-1 suppress the hypercontraction phenotype produced by mutations in mel-11, a myosin phosphatase that regulates actomyosin filament contraction; in addition, NMY-1 may partner with MLC-4, myosin light chain 4, during elongation; NMY-1 expression is detected during embryogenesis, particularly at the onset of elongation.

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