Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F52E4.6, F52E4.6
wrt-2 encodes a hedgehog-like protein, with an N-terminal signal sequence, a Wart domain, and a C-terminal region of low-complexity sequence; WRT-2 is expressed in seam cells and hypodermal syncytia; the Wart domain is predicted to form a cysteine-crosslinked protein involved in intercellular signalling, and it has subtle similarity to the N-terminal Hedge domain of HEDGEHOG proteins; WRT-2 is weakly required for normal molting; WRT-2 is also required for normal growth to full size and locomotion; all of these requirements may reflect common defects in cholesterol-dependent hedgehog-like signalling or in vesicle trafficking; in two-hybrid assays, WRT-2 binds EYA-1, which may parallel the derepression of Drosophila eyes absent by HEDGEHOG.
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